About Us

Pactamere Farm is a family owned and operated alpaca farm, agritourism and event location.  
The farm began in 2010 when I first came face to face with alpacas at a farmers market in Goochland County, Virginia.  As soon as I interacted with them I knew I wanted to make these incredible creatures a part of my life, full time. My late wife Jaime, daughter Grace, my parents Carolyn and Tom and I worked tirelessly for months to prepare for the arrival of the first alpacas.  
By July of 2010 the barns were up, the fences were built and 23 top quality alpacas had found a new home in our pastures. 
We began breeding alpacas for livestock sales to other breeders across the country.  We traveled regularly to alpaca shows all across the U.S. to compete against other breeders; with our attention and focus on producing the best quality alpacas possible, in both fleece and conformation.  The term "alpaca life" had become "our life" and as tiresome and difficult it was at times, our passion and love for these animals made it worth it all. 
In the fall of 2016, Jaime was diagnosed with cancer. Nothing was more important that making sure I was there for my wife, so the business had to be set aside. My parents maintained the farm while Jaime and I flew to Texas for her cancer treatments.
Jaime fought hard, but in 2017 she passed away.  
It was during my grieving and sadness that I knew I had to reinvent the farm. My daughter Grace needed me and I was no longer able to spend the time traveling across the country as well as work a full time job and care for my daughter.  
It was at this point that my parents and I decided that we were not ready to give up the alpaca life, but must find a different business model.  We wanted to honor Jaime. She was pure heart and loved people and with that we create an agritourism/event farm to allow others to experience the love we have for alpacas first hand.
.  The farm was relocated from far western Goochland County to a beautiful and very convenient location in Hanover County. 
We began our new journey preparing to move 50 alpacas to their new home. The buildings were modified, secured and transformed and thousands of feet of fence installed.  In March of 2020 the alpacas were finally moved to their new home.
 In June of 2021 we began our events, with our inaugural outdoor movie night having almost 200 guests in attendance.  We have since done several more movie nights as well as several private parties.  We also host campers on the property on a regular basis who are able to enjoy an immersive experience of sleeping under the stars in a beautiful setting surrounded by alpacas.  
We are thrilled to be adding many more events, including live music, beginning in the Spring of 2022.  This year has been amazing, with the help of the new additions to the family Katie, my  Fiancé and her 9 year old daughter Sydney.  We will also be opening our farm store & boutique in the Spring of 2022.  We can accommodate birthday parties as well as corporate events and we even plan to host weddings on the farm beginning Spring of 2023 after Katie and I kick off this wonderful addition to our services with our wedding in October of 2022.  
Our family here at Pactamere Farm, loves to see others have a chance to enjoy the lifestyle we feel so lucky to call our home!!  We hope to see you on the farm, either for a visit or to attend an event, and meet our friendly alpacas very soon!!
Eric Evans- Owner Pactamere Farm